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Overview and features

AXI Card is a financial product offered by AXI Finance IFN SA, operating on the Romanian market since 2015.

AXI Credit Card offers customers the benefits of banking services, but without fees and without taxes for card administration, issuance and reissuance or for cash withdrawals.
This innovative card model is based on a personalized approach, after which each customer gets access to a personal online account where they can access information on transactions, current balance, debts. In addition, we offer free notifications via mobile application in case of a transaction or payment. Thus, AXI cardholders receive excellent and timely services on an international scale.

  • Maximum credit limit amount: 3000 lei initially, 6000 lei later, if the credit funds are paid on time.
  • Daily interest rate: 0.2% for both new and existing clients.
  • Repayment term: up to six months.
  • Fee for account administration, card issuance: 0 lei.
  • Direct debit of the debt from the card.
  • Possibility to pay in cash at BCR bank cash desks.
  • Minimum age of the client: 18 years.
  • Minimum income 500 lei.

AXI Card is a microfinance service in Romania that offers an innovative revolving credit line accessible through a card. Designed to meet the financial needs of individuals seeking flexible credit solutions, AXI Card combines the convenience of a credit card with the straightforward terms of a personal loan. This product stands out for its ease of access, transparency, and user-friendly application process, making it an attractive option for those who need quick and reliable financial support.

How to Take a Loan in AXI Card: Step by Step

  1. Application:
    • Visit the AXI Card website.
    • Click on the “Aplică acum” button to start your application.
    • Fill in the online form with your personal details, including name, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. Submit Required Documents:
    • Upload a copy of your ID.
    • Provide proof of income, such as a recent payslip or bank statement.
    • Take a selfie holding your ID for identity verification.
  3. Credit Assessment:
    • AXI Card will review your application and documents.
    • A credit assessment will be conducted to determine your eligibility.
  4. Approval and Contract Signing:
    • If approved, you will receive a notification via email and SMS.
    • Log into your AXI Card account to review and electronically sign the credit agreement.
  5. Receive Your Card:
    • The AXI Card will be delivered to your address.
    • Activate the card by following the instructions provided.
  6. Access Funds:
    • Use your AXI Card to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted.
    • Manage your credit line through the AXI Card online platform or mobile app.

How to Repay a Loan in AXI Card: Step by Step

  1. Monthly Statements:
    • Each month, you will receive a statement detailing your outstanding balance, minimum payment due, and due date.
  2. Automatic Payment:
    • Set up automatic payments from your bank account to ensure timely repayment.
    • Ensure your account has sufficient funds on the due date.
  3. Online Payment:
    • Log into your AXI Card account.
    • Choose the payment option and pay using your bank card.
  4. Bank Transfer:
    • Use online banking or visit a bank branch to transfer the repayment amount to AXI Card’s account.
    • Include your contract number in the transfer details for proper processing.
  5. Cash Payment:
    • Visit a partner bank or payment point to make a cash payment.
    • Provide your AXI Card details to complete the transaction.

Pros and Cons of AXI Card


  • Flexibility: The revolving credit line allows for ongoing access to funds without needing to reapply.
  • Convenience: The card can be used for cash withdrawals and purchases, both online and in-store.
  • Transparent Terms: Clear and straightforward terms with no hidden fees.
  • Accessibility: Simple online application process with quick approval and card issuance.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated customer service available for assistance and queries.


  • Interest Rates: Interest rates can be high if the balance is not paid off in full each month.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Strict eligibility criteria may exclude some potential borrowers.
  • Limited Credit Line: Initial credit limits might be low for new customers, requiring time to build a higher limit.
  • Fees: Potential fees for late payments or exceeding the credit limit.


Individuals aged 18 and above with a stable income and a valid Romanian ID can apply for an AXI Card.

Applicants need to provide a copy of their ID, proof of income (e.g., payslip or bank statement), and a selfie with their ID for verification.

Once approved, the card is typically delivered within a few business days.

Yes, you can request a credit limit increase after demonstrating responsible usage and timely repayments.

Missing a payment may result in additional fees and higher interest charges. It’s important to contact AXI Card to discuss repayment options if you anticipate difficulty making a payment.


AXI Card offers a flexible and convenient financial solution for those in need of immediate credit access. Its revolving credit line, transparent terms, and easy-to-use platform make it a viable option for managing short-term financial needs. However, borrowers should be mindful of the interest rates and ensure they can manage repayments responsibly. Overall, AXI Card provides a user-friendly and reliable service, making it a valuable tool for financial management in Romania.